Modern Language

Modern Languages Department

Mr C. O'Kane (Subject Leader)
Miss C. McMullan
Welcome to the Modern Language Department! Both Irish and French are taught up to GCSE level. The lessons are stimulating, challenging, fun and exciting. Pupils will have an opportunity to gain insights into the culture and traditions of either the Donegal Gaeltacht or France by Internet research and arranged visits.
Pupils experience the language actively through role-plays, scenarios, drama, music, presentations, projects and creative listening activities. Pupils’ confidence and competence is built up through this variety of approaches based on the four skill areas of language learning.
At GCSE level they are assessed as follows:
Reading - 20%
Listening - 20%
Speaking - 30%
Writing - 30%
Speaking and Writing make up 60% of the Course and are examined under controlled assessment (internally assessed and externally moderated). This can be completed by the end of Year 11. Listening and Reading make up 40% and are externally assessed.
At St Benedict’s College we are very proud of the quality of teaching and Learning in the Language Department. The Language Department boasts outstanding results at GCSE level – well beyond Northern Ireland averages.