English Department

Mr N. Bonnes (Subject Leader)
Mr. D Shivers (Acting Principal)
Mrs. K. Armstrong (Literacy co-ordinator)
Miss C. Mc Clean (Accelerated Reading co-ordinator)
Mrs. A. Mc Keown
Mr. M. Johnstone
Rated 'Very Good' in a recent inspection (April'12) 

English is a core subject and is compulsory for all pupils from Years 8 to 12. At every age pupils are encouraged to talk, to ask questions, to participate in discussion and to perform. They have many opportunities to read a wide range of texts to perfect their writing skills for a variety of purposes and audiences.
Assessment: At Key Stage 3: six standardised assessments are given each year, as well as regular homework, in order to stimulate progression and to monitor pupil attainment. At Key Stage 4 all pupils are entered for GCSE English and many in the top groups are entered for GCSE English Literature.
Special Needs: The English teachers work closely with the St. Benedict's College Special Needs Co-Ordinator, Mrs B. Kelly, in order to identify pupils who have difficulties with literacy. When either our English teaching or the outcome of reading tests highlight a problem, remedial action is initiated. The members of the English Department also co-operate with the paired reading volunteers so that children can be further encouraged to develop their skills in English.
Year 8 pupils are currently taking advantage of two schemes designed to encourage reading and develop literacy. Accelerated Reading and 'Booked up' are being piloted in the college and pupils are invited to leave feedback on the 'Booked up' scheme by clicking on the hyperlink below.
Booked Up Survey
Examinations at Key Stage 4: All pupils follow the AQA Specification A G.C.S.E. course in English, English Language and Literature.
Click on this link for Revision videos for Papers 1&2
Useful resource sites for pupils and teachers
The Stolen Child - WB Yeats from Lainy Voom on Vimeo.
William Butler Yeats, "King of the Cats" from Simply Charly on Vimeo.

Seamus Heaney reads Scaffolding from FaberBooks on Vimeo.

GCSE Non-fiction Text from Beanbag Learning on Vimeo.

GCSE Shakespeare from Beanbag Learning on Vimeo.

Wuthering Heights - The Ending from Vooduude on Vimeo.
Sherlock Holmes Trailer from tomigoi on Vimeo.