Learning For Life & Work

Department Members

Mrs Devlin and P O’Brien 


Learning for Life and Work is now well established in St. Benedict’s College. Every pupil in key stage 3 study Citizenship and Employability in discrete lessons- some would consider this to be a timetabling luxury.  


There are a number of themes which run within each of the modules:


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Human rights and responsibility
  • Equality and Social Justice
  • Democracy and Active Participation.


Education for Employability:

  • Career Management
  • Work in the local and global economy
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship



Learning for Life and Work is a core subject at GCSE. It is a modular specification which has been designed to address the proposed Northern Ireland Key Stage 4 Curriculum requirements for:

  1. Local and Global Citizenship
  2. Personal Development
  3. Employability 

Through the study of real life situations and scenarios students are provided with opportunities to explore and express their own values and attitudes concerning human rights, social and economic responsibilities and develop an appreciation of the needs and perspectives of others.  The course has been introduced to enable students to develop their understanding of the challenges and opportunities of cultural, political, economic, personal and social skills. 

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