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Key Stage 3  
lostAt KS3, Media Studies is taught within English at St. Benedict's College. Students will have an opportunity to apply textual analysis to still and moving images and learn the basic ‘grammar’ of film and video making such as shot types.
GCSE Year 11 and 12
The course involves the study of the Mass Media: TV, Video, Newspapers and Magazines, Radio, Cinema, the Internet and the associated media worlds of Advertising, Photography and Pop Music.

They are studied through a mixed programme involving both classroom analysis and construction of media products.

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GCSE Pupil Productions
Pupils will have the opportunity to visit media institutions, for example local multiplex cinemas in National Schools Film Week, BBC, Radio stations and local and regional newspapers (Antrim Guardian and The Irish News.) Educational trips offer insights into career opportunities in the media.
jawsYou will analyse key concepts such as the still and moving image, narrative, representation, genre and ideology. This builds into coursework which combines the written and the practical, on topics such as Representation of Women and the Family in TV, Cinema, Newspapers, and the creation of products for a targeted audience such as a CD cover and Film posters.
sonyDuring the course you will make a digital video or photo-story in a genre of your choosing. We have a range of available digital technologies such as still cameras, video cameras andPC's with I-Movie editing software. An essential part of making any product is a written commentary and evaluation.
GCSE Media Exam Body is AQA.

GCSE Assessment Procedure

The coursework folder is worth 50% of the marks, but there is also a controlled test on a different topic each year, which is worth 50%. This will be an examination on a specific TV, Film or Print genre, such as Comedy Films, The Music Press and Children’s Comics, for which pupils are issued with the question paper in advance.
Foundation and Higher tiers are available to ensure inclusion.
Useful Media Studies websites:
Alternatively, watch these embedded videos to give you further insight into the subject.
Maestros of Suspense: Music in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock from Simply Charly on Vimeo.
A great example of pupil evaluation- GCSE students take note!
Megan Duffy Media Studies Evaluation from St Marylebone Media Studies on Vimeo.
A few trailers to enjoy (and analyse...)
You will need to have Flash installed on your computer in order to view the trailers.

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