Mathematics Department

Mrs E. Magill (Subject Leader)
Miss Doherty
Miss Agnew
Mr Doyle

Key Stage 3: In their first three years all pupils follow a course in Mathematics in preparation for both teacher assessed and externally assessed Key Stage 3 examinations, Tiers A, B and C, according to their ability; the external Key Stage 3 test has a 'mental mathematics' component.

A substantial amount of 'mathematics software' is available on the school's computer network. Spreadsheets and Data Handling are taught with the aid of computers. Additionally, each pupil is expected to have their own calculator for use in class at the discretion of the teacher.

Continuous assessment is employed whilst term tests take place annually to determine progress.

Pupils study attainment targets in Process, Number, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measure plus Data Handling.

Key Stage 4: At Key Stage 4 all pupils are entered for G.C.S.E. Foundation or Higher Level.  Pupils are entered for Modular Maths offered by A.Q.A. throughout Years 11 and 12.  Examinations consist of two written papers for each of the three modules.  No calculators are permitted in the first written paper but must be used in the second one.
We strive in our department to ensure that all pupils experience a feeling of achievement, confidence and enjoyment whilst studying Mathematics.
The Maths Dept. has introduced Numeracy at Lunch Time to Key Stage 3 pupils to promote the theme ‘Maths is Fun’. Pupils currently enjoy playing: Bingo, Dominoes, Tangrams, Connect 4, Battleships and paper folding activities.
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