Technology & Design

Technology and Design Department

Mr C. Lavery (Subject Leader)
Mr Hawthorne

In the modern world where advances in technology and its applications are constantly changing and employment opportunities are specialised and few, the school curriculum must provide the necessary scientific skills and experiences so vital for success in a 'new society'. In addition to established skills the pupils' experiences are extended by including computer aided design and electronics.

Particular emphasis is placed on innovation and students in their final year are expected to use their entrepreneurial skills when designing products and systems which may be of use or interest in the wider community.

Within the Technology and Design suite, the Planning Room and Systems Room provide a stimulating environment for pupils to develop their designs using electronics, gears and mechanisms. In the purpose built Manufacturing Area pupils can realise their designs in a range of materials including wood, metals and plastics.

All pupils in Years 8, 9 and 10 study Technology and Design. The subject, which is optional in Years 11 and 12, leads to a G.C.S.E. qualification in Technology and Design.