Home Economics

Home Economics Department

H.E.Mrs B. Kelly (Subject Leader)
Mrs O. Coulter

In St. Benedict's College, Home Economics is delivered in a modern suite equipped with the latest advances in technology. We can therefore offer our students learning experiences which are enjoyable and include challenges which are achievable and motivating.

Home Economics is part of the minimum requirement for every pupil at Key Stage 3. There are three Key Concepts for Home Economics: Healthy Eating; Home and Family Life; Independent Living. Home Economics develops pupils as individuals by: helping them explore their health in a practical context, enhancing their potential to live a healthy lifestyle and make responsible choices about their diet and food. Home Economics develops pupils as contributors to society by: giving them a sense of themselves as social beings and how they relate to one another; making them aware of values and lifestyles that are different from their own and helping them make reasoned judgements in family relationships. Home Economics develops pupils as contributors to the economy by: giving them an awareness of themselves as consumers in a changing economy to help them become discerning and effective when making judgements in relation to the environment and personal finances. 02 At Key Stage 4 those pupils who elect to continue to study Home Economics can follow the CCEA GCSE specification.
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