Art and Design Department

Ms M. McElhone (Subject Leader)
Mrs P. Devlin
The Art and Design Department is furnished wi Pamela O 'Neillth the most up-to-date resources and equipment. This affords pupils the opportunity to enjoy and experience all aspects of two-dimensional and three-dimensional art and design in areas including drawing and graphics, printmaking, ceramics, construction and textiles.
All pupils at Key Stage 3 (Years 8, 9 and 10) follow an Art and Design programme of study, in line with the Northern Ireland Revised Curriculum. This programme aims to promote and develop individual expression and creativity and artistic expression. It consists of art and design units of work, in which the themes and topics are directly related and linked to pupils' personal experience, environment and cultural heritage. Each unit of work offers pupils planned opportunities to explore and experiment with a wide range of two and three dimensional materials to execute their ideas. Pupils are also encouraged to examine and compare their own artwork to the work of artists, past and present.
After Year 10 the subject is optional. Pupils who opt for Art and Design in Years 11 and 12 follow a two year course leading to the Northern Ireland G.C.S.E. examination. To enhance their timetabled classes a weekly 'art' club is held after school for senior pupils. This gives them the opportunity to work on coursework or homework using the full facilities of the department. Our G.C.S.E. art pupils also have exciting opportunities to participate in various 'out of school' courses and workshops. Many of our G.C.S.E. pupils continue their studies in Art and Design at G.N.V.Q and 'A' Level in other schools and colleges of further education.
Pupils' artwork is promoted within and outside the Art Department by various displays and exhibitions. The pupils also participate in a number of annual art competitions such as the Credit Union Poster Competition, Lough Neagh Feis and Feis na Gleann Arts and Crafts Display. St. Benedict's College Art Department has also established close links with other local schools through a variety of art-based projects.

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