Science Department

ScienceMr P. O'Neill (Subject Leader)
Mr O. Gilligan
Mr P. McKendry

The Science Department endeavours to provide a relevant, interesting and balanced Science course for all pupils. During the first three years all pupils follow an integrated course which includes those elements of physics, chemistry, biology and earth sciences as specified in the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  
In Years 11 and 12 all pupils follow a Modular Science Course leading to G.C.S.E. certification. The subject may be taken as either Single or Double Award depending on the individual pupil's ability and career requirements.

It is departmental policy to encourage 'Double Award Science' rather than the individual sciences as the natural choice for most pupils. However, some pupils, according to their level of achievement at Key Stage 3, will be advised to study Single Award Science. The Double Award syllabus includes all the essential elements of physics, chemistry and biology and is widely recognised as a suitable qualification at 16+ for those pupils contemplating 'A' Level in any of the individual sciences or any other academic course. Double Award Science counts as two distinct G.C.S.E. subjects and is highly regarded for vocational purposes.

The department functions within a three laboratory complex. The laboratories are fully resourced offering our pupils the finest facilities for experimentation and practical investigation.