Matthews McCoy breaks new records

12 March 2009
British Schools Weightlifting Championships
Matthew lift
Pictured above, Matthew McCoy, New British Schoolboy Champion, with his winning lifts in the under15, 77kg+ category, at the weekend in Birmingham against tough opposition. His best Snatch (One continuous movement above the head) was 77kg and his best Clean & Jerk (Two movements above the head) was 97kg. By the end of the Snatch’s, Matthew was only leading a Welsh lifter by four kilos, but his Clean & Jerk’s were too strong for him, and by his second lift (90kg) Matthew had him beaten. This allowed Matthew to jump to a bigger weight closer to his personnel best-97kg and was successful. This was a big achievement for Matthew considering he has only been lifting weights for about a year now, adding this title to the all Ireland Junior title he won in Dublin three weeks ago.

His proud parents travel many miles with him three days a week to training sessions at the Newtownabbey Weightlifting Club where his coach’s put him through his paces. Matthew’s success can only be put down to the fact that he is a very keen sportsman and where there is keen appetite for success, this will achieve results. He would rarely miss a training session and listens to what his coach’s tells him which also helps. Even since this competition Matthew, has increased his personal best lifts in the gym with a Snatch of 80kg and a Clean & Jerk of 102kg, going from strength to strength.

The Weightlifting Association of Northern Ireland (WANI) would like to congratulate Matthew on his recent achievements. At 14 years of age Matthew has achieved everything that all Northern Ireland lifters aspire to- that being an All Ireland Champion and a British Champion. With the appetite that Matthew has for the Sport, maybe someday he will represent his country at Small Nations Championships or Commonwealth Games! Well done to him!

Jim Kelly (Coach & Chairman WANI)