Numeracy Club

24 January 2018

Pupils taking part in the Extended Schools Numeracy Club using the new Izak9 resource. Izak9 is a unique, radical and innovative maths resource from Qubizm, a company with more than 25 years experience in the teaching and learning of mathematics. It is an immersive, multi-media rich, active learning device. Izak 9 brings the core belief that pupils involved will develop increasing pupil resilience, number sense, communication and thinking skills, and fluency in mathematics language. In Northern Ireland, there has been an ongoing study by the Inspectorate over the past 14 years into the teaching and learning of maths. One of the key outcomes is that children are not afforded enough time to ‘think about their own thinking’. This issue is central to the use of Izak9

Here they can be seen working out the multiples of 3 in ascending order.