Extended Schools programme– 2017-18

04 December 2017

 Details of the Extended Schools programme now finalised. Details are on display and Extended School leaders will be inviting pupils to participate. There has been great interest so far and we anticipate many of these activities to be popular with pupils and parents alike.

Extended Schools programme– 2017-18



The College is in the fortunate position where money has been allocated as part of the Extended School programme to offer extra support for pupils who need to raise attainment and improve the life chances for each and every child in the College.

The graphic above outlines the scheduled activities that have been approved and are currently taking place. We are pleased with the broad spectrum of activities and the opportunities that the children can avail of.


The overall objective of the programme is to:

"Reduce underachievement and improve the life chances of children and

young people by enhancing their educational development and fostering

their health, well being and social inclusion through the integrated delivery

of the support and services necessary to ensure every child has the best start in life."

Extended Schools programme– English Language and Maths


The programme is primarily for pupils who are on the C/D borderline however there will be sessions allocated to stretch our gifted and talented pupils aiming for A*-B. These sessions will be taking place after Christmas however there is a 6 week programme to coincide with preparing for the MOCK exams and the important exams in both English and Maths in January. If selected, attendance is compulsory!


 The School Improvement team has reviewed and tracked GCSE grades achieved and estimated, in both English and Maths, and pupils have been selected and informed who will participate in the first phase of the Extended Schools programme which focuses on raising attainment and addressing underachievement .


Each pupil on the Extended Schools programme will be closely monitored and supported. Attendance is compulsory and will be recorded.  Each week they will examine their progress with their Extended Schools Teacher and set targets for the following week. A survey will be completed at the end.


We would ask you as parents/guardians to complete the survey with your son/daughter and encourage them to engage fully in the programme.  With this added focus and support we expect your child to be better organised, prepared and motivated for not only the mock exams but the GCSE units in early January.


If your child is not selected for the first phase of the programme they may be considered for phase 2 or 3.

Any issues/questions regarding this programme should be directed to N Bonnes (Head of English) and/or E Magill (Head of Maths.)

HOMEWORK CLUB now running every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 3.30pm to 4.30p

Monday Mr. Gately (LSA), Tuesday Mrs. Armstrong (English) and every Wednesday Mrs. O’Neill (Maths)


 Further details are displayed in the Front foyer. Please see the Extended School leader if you or your child are interested in a particular activity. Spaces may be limited and targeted at particular age groups etc.


N Bonnes 

Extended School co-ordinator