Decision Day...Please don't panic

27 January 2018
This article appeared on Facebook. "Whatever the results said this morning, whatever your child thinks they mean, it's important that they know that this is not a dead end path, but simply a fork in the road.  The path they wanted to go down may well lead to the same destination as the other one. Yes, they'll see different things, meet different people and gain different experiences than they would have otherwise, but if they now don't think they can reach their destination simply because of a path, they need to be corrected.
They can even make their own path. They may be the scariest paths, but they're also the most exciting and ultimately give you the biggest sense of achievement. Those who make their own paths are often the leaders of tomorrow. 
So if your child is crying today, upset and thinking the worst, tell them 2 things from me:
1) The friends they think they'll lose by going to a different school- if they are true friends they will still be their friends.
2) Whatever that piece of paper says doesn't define them. It only tells them how many choices they have. Follow a different path, make their own path, and focus on reaching that same destination.
To all those students who received their results today Saturday, we wish you well and hope that you give us the opportunity to guide you on the next stage of your educational pathway. If you have any questions regarding transfer please contact us.