School Book Fair

19 November 2017

This year’s Scholastic Book Fair took place in the school from Tuesday 14th to Tuesday 21st  November 2017 with pupils from Key Stage Three English classes coming along to browse the books with their teachers.  It was supported by the whole school with many pupils calling in to look through the titles during break and lunchtime.


This year we reached the total of £802.65 which equates to £481.59 in commission for the school to buy books for the library.  Thank you to everyone for all your hard work and support in making this possible.  Well done to everyone who contributed and many thanks to all staff, parents and pupils who supported the school library through the Book Fair.

We ran a ‘Design a Bookmark’ Competition prior to the arrival of the Book Fair, which produced some original and eye-catching entries. 

The winners of the £5.00 book vouchers were:

  • Maleah Carreion – 8F

  • Natalia Dzieciatko – 8G

  • Bella Johnston – 9F

  • Julia Rosengart – 9H

  • Rosie Hawthorne – 10G

Well done to them all!

A special thank you to Miss McClean, for all her help and support in the organisation and running of the Book Fair.  Thank you also goes to the other members of the English Department including Mrs Armstrong, Mrs McKeown, Mr. Bonnes and Mr. Johnston for their help throughout the week.

Thank you also to Ms McLaughlin, Mrs Hamilton and Mr. Gately for their assistance at the Book Fair; Mrs Cowdry for the use of Room 2 and to all our pupil library assistants for their help each day at break and lunchtime.