High School Musical
14 January 2015

St. Benedict's College presents "High School Musical" the story so far...Troy Bolton (Daniel Hastings), the star athlete at a small-town high school, falls for nerdy beauty Gabriella Montez (Grainn

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Careers Options
12 January 2015

Mrs Bowles talking to our pupils

Liz Bowles - Carrers Adviser, Careers Service NI, Antrim met with our Year12 pupils today to discuss Options for Post Year 12.  Below is a list of Further Education Colleges:

  • Northern Re
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Christmas Cultural Celebrations 2014
18 December 2014

St. Benedict's College hosted the Christmas Cultural Celebration for 2014 and it was a tremendous success.  There was a selection of foods, music, dance and clothes from the diff
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Very Rev. Francis Arthur McCorry
12 December 2014

very rev. mccorry


The funeral took place yesterday in Cargin, of The Very Rev Francis McCorry. Mourners were told that Fr Frank McCorry was not only a gifted footballer, he was an all-ro

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Continual Assessment for KS3 Pupils
26 November 2014

Your son or daughter will be receiving their tracking scores indicating how well they are progressing this year.  The marks that feed into the tracking are derived from Continual Assessment/Monit  ... more
Year 11 Parents Consultation Evening
24 November 2014

Year 11 Parents Consultation Evening. All parents/guardians are encouraged to attend this important update on their childs/childrens progress. Year 11 is a particular important year where pupils are
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Anti-Bullying Week
19 November 2014

Anti-Bullying Week 2014 will take place on the week beginning Monday 17 November. This year it will focus on the role we all play in taking a stand against all forms of bullying behaviour, under the
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School Book Fair
18 November 2014

This year's Scholastic Book Fair took place in the school from Tuesday 11th to Tuesday 18thNovember 2014 with pupils from Key Stage Three English classes coming along to browse the books with

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Youth 2000 in St. Benedict's College
23 October 2014

Youth 2000 is an international movement of young people called to spread the Good News of the Catholic faith and share this experience with other young people. Last weekend witnessed over a hund

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Year 8 Mass
14 October 2014

Year 8 pupils and parents attended Mass and looked forward to a bright new future in St. Benedict's College.  Fr.McGrath did us a great honour by celebrating Mass 
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