Evaluations are a very useful ways of allowing schools to measure progress and to help improve further school development.  The purpose of this section is to post various questionnaires to stakeholders and invite their comment.
If you have been asked please complete one of the questionnaires as shown below.

Local Advisory Group (LAG) survey to find out the needs our young people  from the Youth Service in their communities and in school.


Two surveys, one for pupils and one for parents, maybe they could be put on your web, Twitter or F/book. The results of the survey so far show 0 for Ballymena area so some responses would be good.




Links for Local Area Planning- ctrl and click.    adults


Local Young Peoples Consultation    youth

KS3 Numeracy Funday Surveys
Year 10 Numeracy Day Survey
Year 9 Numeracy Day Survey
Year 8 Numeracy Day Survey
 BTEC Survey 2016
Parents Survey 2016 (Click on link below)
LSA Techinical Ancillary Staff 2016 Specific Questions (Click on link below)
Staff Survey 2016 (Click on link below)
St Benedicts College St Benedicts College St Benedicts College