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The homework diary is an important means of communication between parents and teachers. If there are any issues which you might feel needs to be brought to the attention of the form teacher, the homework diary provides parents the opportunity to address these. Equally the diary offers teacher the platform to discuss issues with parents.
Here parenting experts give their advice on how to deal with children as they get older and encourage them towards more positive behaviour.
Parent Top tips dealing with teenagers etc
Parents always raise the issue of homeworks, "when do our kids get homework?". We have sought to clarify this by setting out a homework schedule giving the subjects and the nights homeworks are given. If there any issues regarding homeworks please contact he school through the school website by blog e-mail or phone.
Homework Schedule

Students are now able to download the full version of Microsoft Office for PC or Mac free of charge with their C2k username for installation on personal and home computers.

There are two options available:

Option 1 for pupils who have not been given access to C2k email. Please follow instruction in EN086

Option 2 - for pupils who have been given access to C2k email by the school as per EN089


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