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17 December 2013
The ‘Communicating in IT’ unit requires students to use a specialist communication channel to share information. Year 12A you should go on to our Blog and voice your opinions on social networks.
I have included here a short video that we carried out in College regarding the usage and behavioural patterns associated with Social Network Sites.
Click the link below and this will give you ideas and watch the video.
Christopher Neeson
on Mar 31, 2014, 12:42:46 said...
A specialist communication channel is Skype; it has a major impact in the world of social networking. People can access Skype anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection enabled. People like Skype as it allows them to have a face to face chat online with anyone around the world. Skype provides them with a feature to just text were no camera are needed. These messages over Skype are free. Skype is also good for business people so they do not have to travel but instead speak face to face with Skype chat.
Enda Gavigan
on Mar 31, 2014, 12:44:10 said...
The specialist communication channel I am writing about is snapchat. It was created in 2013 allowing people to take pictures of themselves and send them to their friends. Recent features in snapchat allow you to put pictures and videos in your ‘story’ for 24 hours for friends to see. People likes shapchat because it is free and you will get a laugh out of it and you will like it if you got it.        
Mary Martin
on Mar 31, 2014, 12:55:21 said...
A specialist communication channel especially in 2014 is WhatsApp. It has took the world by storm because it is easy to use and understand. A lot of people worldwide can download it and this will not cost them anything. Currently WhatsApp has 450 million active users and is adding roughly a million a day, with most of their growth coming from Europe and Asia. There are a lot of young people today using WhatsApp. This is because they can send images, videos, voice notes and music and it will not cost them anything at all. WhatsApp is good to use because you can only contact the people who you have mobile numbers for and have access to WhatsApp. Another good thing is that you can block people on it if they are annoying or bulling you and when you have blocked them they will not be able to contact you. There is also the special feature of seeing who is online and when they were last active.
Sinead Larmour
on Apr 4, 2014, 12:35:19 said...
A specialist communication channel among the teenagers and young adults is Facebook. It has an impact on their everyday lives; facebook can be very informative telling the world what is going on in other peoples lives or around the world. Facebook is a great way for people to get in contact with another person due to the messaging service; you can send images text or even videos. Any content from facebook will pop up as a notification on your phone will make a noise or vibrate; it will be able to distract a person from communicating with another person and can become very addictive. It is the most popular application used by this generation. This application has many benefits but can also be a hinder to someone’s life. It can stop communication with other people and may affect the way they speak and interact. A person may end up finding it hard to socialise with people when the time comes to going out or interacting with people. It could also improve someone’s confidence they may become stronger, less shy and self conscious. Facebook may also help them socialize when the time comes because they are used to having contact with them through people on facebook. It can also provide an insight on a persons life as they can go onto the person profile page and look at their pictures and see what they like and who they socialize with.
Ciaran Loughran
on Apr 4, 2014, 12:49:07 said...
A specialist communication channel is online gaming.  Videogames are a huge impact on ICT today. Gamers throughout the world depend on the interactive aspect of gaming with their friends face to face or online everyday.  Games consoles are one of the most talked about accessories a person can own.  The reason behind the popularity of these consoles is that children start gaming at a young age; this is why they are so popular.  Playing online games with your friends is encouraging communication through a head piece that attaches to your ear, you can talk in group chat, this is handy because you may not want to speak to people you do not know.  Games stimulate the mind and are a good topic conversation.  Social impacts can be both advantages and disadvantages of online gaming.  Advantages of playing online games is that it is some peoples hobbies, it is also relaxing as some people who uses it could come home from work/school and chill out while playing online games.  However psychologists have studied that too much of online gaming is bad for your brain as sitting glued to a T.V screen all day would have a bad affect on your eyes.  Another bad reason of online gaming is bad for you is that users become overweight and lazy because they are sitting around all day on the sofa rather than being up and active.  
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